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Career coaching

What do you want and how do you get there?

Most of us spend more than 40% of our day working.  That's way too much time to spend doing something that does not bring you fulfillment, purpose, and joy.  I know the feeling of being in a job that didn't align with my strengths and desires and can empathize with doing the work to find what really makes you tick. 


Very few people have a linear career trajectory that effortlessly progresses from one thing to the next.  It's the norm to have doubts, questions, detours, pauses, and pivots along the way.  As a seasoned People Operations leader, Managing Director of Recruitment and HR executive, I've interviewed thousands of people and know this to be true. 

What matters most is how you tell your story and communicate what you want. 


So... what do you want? 

I'm here to help you.  Through coaching, I will empower you to identify what you really want to be doing (and not doing), claim your superpowers, and transition into a new position, job, or industry that brings you fulfillment.  


“Carli embodies every single meaning of the word coach – she pushed me to reflect on my strengths and areas of growth and what I wanted in my professional career.   She’s given me the tools necessary to feel empowered to make my life truly extraordinary and I’m looking forward to working with her more in the future. If anyone needs a professional boost, please contact Carli. She’s an extraordinary executive coach wanting to help others feel extraordinary."

- Alita, Managing Director of Strategy

Coaching that explores the impact you want to make and creates an aligned plan to get there

how it works

Through our work together, you will: 

  1. Be empowered to identify what you really want (and don't want)

  2. Find patterns from previous jobs that are, and are not, energizing

  3. Assess current opportunities and expand what's possible

  4. Get resume, interview, and storytelling tips to nail interviews 

  5. Learn how to determine if current opportunities are actually right

  6. Create a plan to actually get you what you want

  7. Get comfortable sharing your story and communicating what you want in an authentic way 

You will get the opportunity to explore your purpose and determine what you're longing for in your work.  In a supportive, nonjudgemental and when appropriately challenging place, we will deepen, reinforce, and translate your learnings so that you are set up for a career that you love. 

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